Over 30%of the profit is allocated to research and development of hair removal technology every year. Until 2022, Ulike has nearly 100 patents worldwide and specializes in high-end and advanced medical IPL hair removal.

The diamond freezing technology patent (Triple temperature control refrigeration technology) solves the burning sensation and pain experienced when taking an IPL treatment at home. We strive to be the drivers of the industry's progress and development. Make it easy for people to have a luxurious IPL hair removal treatment at home.


First generation

In the first generation, At home, people can remove hair, but it is painful.

Second generation

In the second generation, Add an ice compress outlet to the device and improve the hair removal experience.

Third generation

In the third generation, It is possible to use an ice compress and a hair removal at the same time.

Fourth generation

In the fourth generation, A breakthrough product, diamond freezing tech and flat light outlet, maintains a cooling sensation during hair removal, from 10 °C to 40 °C.

Fifth generation

In the fifth generation, Both skin rejuvenation and hair removal can be done simultaneously. Set a new industry standard.